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In 2018, the state of Missouri ranked as the 12th highest state in deer related auto accidents. There were over 38,000 incidents which breaks down to 1 in every 110 drivers.
If you find yourself in an unfortunate incident after hitting a deer, or just renting a vehicle for personal use, your auto policy will provide coverage.

    • Liability limits will apply to an accident the same way as if you are in your own vehicle.
    • Physical damage (comprehensive & collision coverage) does transfer, and your out of pocket deductibles will apply.
    • Claims – If you wreck a rental vehicle and cause damage, the downside of using your car insurance policy to cover the claim is your rates will be affected. Not to mention, many auto insurance policies do not cover loss of use while the rental is being repaired.
    • Rental company coverages – Rental car companies do provide their own coverage for liability, roadside and physical damage, although for a fee. A benefit of using their coverage is it should cover loss of use. Also, you should not have to turn in a claim to your own insurance company, provided the accident is within your coverage limits.

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