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Programs that protect your business.

Even in the most well-run business enterprises, workers get injured – it’s just a fact of business life. Human error will happen, so your business needs to be protected in the event of an accident. Workers compensation insurance will provide the protection you need to cover the resources to aid in the injured worker’s recovery and return to productive work.
Areas served: SBInsure offers workers compensation insurance for businesses in Franklin and surrounding counties.

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers your employees’ medical and disability expenses related to work-related illness and on-the-job injuries. In some states, owners, members, partners and other principals can decline to participate in their own companies’ workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ Compensation is required by law in most states when you have W2 employees. In some states the requirement may include that you even cover any 1099 contractors.

Employer’s Liability coverage, also included in these policies, protects your company should an employee claim that his or her injury or illness was caused by your company’s negligence or failure to provide a safe workplace.

Employer’s Liability coverage may be described in your contract in this way: “Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance shall be provided as required by law or regulation (statutory requirements). Employer’s Liability insurance shall be provided in amounts not less than $500,000 per accident for bodily injury by accident; $500,000 policy limit by disease; and $500,000 per employee for bodily injury by disease.”