Child care center insurance in Franklin and surrounding counties.

Parents trust child care centers with their children from the earliest days. As with any facility that caters to the care of young ones, there are special risks in addition to the ordinary risks of running a business. Our specialized insurance policies will keep you covered.

All businesses need insurance for their building, business property and other equipment. Child care centers have additional insurance needs that relate directly to the care they provide and the young population they serve. It’s important for your insurer to understand the needs of a child care center. It’s not just any old business!

For example, young children are more likely to fall or get injured than adults or even school-aged children. Therefore, having protection for the injuries of the students as well as liability protection for the workers in case of a negligence suit can protect against financial losses.

How can child care center insurance protect you?
Use the yellow hot spots and explore how child care center insurance can help protect against common risks.

Child care centers must also insure against damage to the school or any of its property and equipment, including outdoor play structures and toys.

Centers that provide transportation for students need proper auto coverage for either a center-owned van or a worker’s own vehicle. Abuse and molestation coverage is essential when working with a young population.

And don’t forget other general business insurance elements such as workers’ compensation, employment practices liability, employee dishonesty and cyber liability.

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