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Summer is supposed to be all about soaking up the sun, spending time with family and hopefully enjoying some time off. Unfortunately, all of that summer fun can sometimes lead to insurance claims. Keep reading to find out which claims we see most often during the summertime, how you can avoid them and how you can make sure you’re protected if something unexpected happens. 

Outdoor grill fires

We look forward to firing up the grill every year as soon as the weather starts to warm up. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while cooking up a great meal. Unfortunately, this summer activity also is the cause of an estimated 7,000 injuries every year. 

Grill fires are dangerous and somewhat common, but they are avoidable. The first rule you should follow: never leave your grill unattended. Next, make sure that when you set it up it’s placed at least 10 feet away from other objects, especially any flammable objects, bushes or shrubs, and your house (it could melt your siding or even start a house fire). Make sure you let it cool down completely before allowing any children or pets near it. Never use a grill inside your home or garage.

Before you fire up the grill, check the connection between the fuel line and the propane tank. If you find a leak, don’t turn on the gas or light the grill until it’s fixed. Don’t turn on a gas grill with the lid closed. Lastly, if you’re using a charcoal grill, be sure to only use lighter fluid when starting a fire and make sure the embers are extinguished before leaving it. 

Boating Accidents

For many of us, a day spent out on the water is the ideal summer day. While boating is tons of fun, it also comes with risks. It’s obvious why the number of boating accidents is highest during the warmest months, but what that means for you is that you need to make sure you’re prepared to stay safe. 

When you first get your boat back on the water, don’t skimp on the basic maintenance that needs to be done and don’t forget to check on the functionality and safety of your boat trailer as well. Do your best to get ahead of any potential issues with a pre-departure checklist, and keep the boat well-stocked with all required safety supplies. While on board, make sure you and your passengers practice safe behavior. Read our blog on boat safety for more tips and lastly, make sure you have the right boat insurance coverage in the case that something does go wrong. 

Car Accidents 

Road travel increases during the summer months, and unfortunately, an increase in car accidents tends to follow, especially for teenage drivers, making it another one of the top summer insurance claims. Being proactive about road safety starts with keeping up to date on your car’s maintenance to avoid tire blowouts, vehicle stalls or other problems that could lead to a dangerous situation. Practice safe driving: stay alert, avoid distractions and always wear your seatbelt. Talk to teenage drivers in your family about avoiding distractions while behind the wheel. 

Next, make sure you have the right auto coverage so if anything does happen, you’re covered and can avoid stress and additional expenses. If you need help finding the right policy, we are happy to help!


Another unfortunate incident that sees an uptick during the summer is drownings. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 10 people died per day in the U.S. from non-boating-related drownings from 2005 to 2014. If you have a pool at your house, make sure it’s secured with locked gates so no children can get in, either by accident or on purpose. Having the pool secured by a fence might also lower your insurance rates. 

Home Burglary and Break-Ins

Summer is a popular time to travel and spend days out of the house, but burglars know what that means: empty homes and more opportunities for criminal activity. The Bureau of Justice Statistics sees higher rates of home burglaries and aggravated assaults during the warmer months.

Reduce the risk of home burglaries with precautions like a security alarm system and motion detection lights. If you’re going to be away from home for multiple days, ask a neighbor to collect your mail, packages, and newspapers so it’s not obvious you’re out of town. Make sure your home insurance coverage is up-to-date in the event that you do have to file a claim.

Don’t let these stats about summer insurance claims ruin your fun in the sun – being aware and prepared is the best way to have a great summer. If you have any questions about the right coverage for you, your family, your home, and your belongings, just call us or fill out the form below – we’re here to help!

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